Your school day in your pocket

Order anywhere, anytime from your canteen menu.

Make payments at the canteen using your student card.

Myday uses PayPal as its payment processing platform.

Your Wallet At A Glance

The MyPay dashboard is a condensed view of all the vital information regarding your spending at the canteen. View your balance, top-up funds and review your most recent purchases.

Myday Transactions 1
Myday Transactions 2

Transaction History

With MyPay's Transaction History functionality, easily view all the details regarding your purchases at the canteen.

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Top-Up Funds

Top-up funds via the app using the safest transaction platform PayPal, using your account or bank card.

Spending Limits

Set and forget spending limits on your account tso you can have ease of mind when purchasing at the canteen.

Order Online

Order anywhere, anytime, using MyPay's online Canteen menu. Just choose the food and add a pickup date and time.

Tap & Collect

Use your student card to tap the Myday Card Reader at the canteen to verify your purchase, then pick it up and enjoy!


With MyQueue, simply tap your card and have your position in the queue secured. Students who try to enter the queue in front of you will find they cannot collect their order since the Myday Card Reader has not issues them a Queue position.

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MyPay Ordering