Your school day in your pocket

View your eating habits from anywhere, using the Myday App. So you can stay ontop of your health.

Simply make purchases from the canteen using your student card to see your MyHealth data.

With the MyHealth dashboard, verse your friends to see who can maintain the healthies eating habits at School.

Your Eating Habits At A Glance

The MyHealth dashboard is a condensed view of all the vital information regarding your eating habits at school. View your MyFood Points, see your competitive statistics and review your eating habits in a simplified view over the past week.

MyHealth Leaderboard
MyHealth Activity

MyFood Points

With MyHealth, easily track how health your food is through the convenient MyFood Points which are directly based on the Australian 'Health Star Rating.' Simply put; the more points, the healthier the food is.

MyHealth Competition

Myday inspires healthy eating through the MyHealth leaderboard. Challenge your friends to see who can be healthiest!