Key Features

Make ordering from your school's canteen menu easy by using the Myday App to place an order anywhere, anytime.

Through the Myday App, view all of your top-up and purchase transactions, so you can get on top of your spending.

Using the extremely secure, globally-renowned PayPal, top up your funds through your account or bank card details.

Set limit son the amount that can be spent form your account at the canteenso you can take charge of your wallet.

Earn Health & Fitness points as well as monitor your consumption at teh canteen to make better health decisions.

View your school's newsletter and the MyHealth blog via the Myday App and Blogs page.

Student’s Health Stats

Overweight Students 0
Students Not Getting Enough Vegetables 0
Proportion Of Unhealthy Food Eaten By Students Daily 0
Students That Are Sufficiently Active 0

Download Our App

Our apps are available on both the iOS App Store and Android's PlayStore. Simply download the app, open and login using your school-issued details, then start your day with Myday!